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EuroBLECH 2014 Events

  1. 10/10/2014EuroBLECH 2014 Exhibition

    Oerlikon Schweisstechnik GmbH the german subsidiary of Air Liquide Welding will participate to Euroblech 2014 in Hannover – 21st of October – 25th of October.

  2. 02/10/2014CITOWAVE II

    Discover CITOWAVE II the new High Tech solution for MIG/MAG welding

  3. 01/09/2014Thorium Tungsten Electrodes

    Beginning september 2014, Oerlikon stop selling of Thoriated tungsten electrodes for TIG welding.

  4. 24/06/2014International Welding Tour 2014

    The Oerlikon International Welding Tour 2014 is now on the road.