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EN 1090

Oerlikon consumables and equipment
solutions for EN 1090 certification.

From the 1st of july 2014, EN 1090 replaces all the nationals Standards in Metallic construction field. For example DIN 18800/7 und DIN V4113/3 in Germany or NF P 22-471 in France are replaced by EN 1090. The EN 1090 certification is mandatory for all the metallic constructors.

There are 5 steps to before getting ready for your EN 1090 certification:

    - 1. Information research, in order to get familiarise with the standard and also to find in which execution class are you producing?
    - 2. Introducing a factory control system
    - 3. Your staff training
    - 4. Drawing up your WPS
    - 5. Audit in order to get your certification

OERLIKON consumables (tested consumable WPS generator software) and equipments (a package of ready to use WPS) solutions will help you to draw up your WPS in an easiest way.

Product Advantages

✔ Fastest way to get prepared for en 1090 certification
✔ Covers over 80 % of applications based on EN ISO 15612 and EN ISO 15610
✔ Both solutions, consumables and equipment, are very easy to use
✔ OERLIKON unique solution: the WPS software generator

EN 1090 certification made easy

Drawing up WPS: use OERLIKON solutions

Because drawing up a WPS needs special competences, time and money, OERLIKON has done a WPS package (based on EN ISO 15612) and a tested consumable WPS generator software (based on EN ISO 15610).

What is a WPS?

WPS: In order to be certified, a producer must have a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) in which all the welding steps of an assembly is listed (welding parameters, passes, gas, consumable…). A WPS is done in the field of application of a WPQR.

A standard WPS is only valid for The EXC 1 and 2 (Cf. Table N° 12 of the EN-1090-2 Standard). For EXC 3 and 4 the manufacturer has to have a personal WPQR.

What is a WPQR?

WPQR: Welding Procedure Qualification Record, is a qualified welding procedure. The qualification is done by a notified body (TÜV, BV, IS…).

Each WPQR has a field of application, which allows the user to change the thickness, the based material etc.. To have a standard WPS. The field of application is defined in the standard (EN 15614-1:2009).

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    Oerlikon has generated a proven history of supplying welding consumables & equipments for the most demanding and critical applications. You can count on us to provide the reliable products and services to meet your needs.

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    Our 4 research and development centers facilitate the rapid transfer and implementation of important products innovations through the whole Oerlikon network.

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    Oerlikon supplies customized solutions through performance and innovation, to meet stringent specifications and increasing demands for enhanced welding productivity.