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ICP Filters

Intelligent Control Process Filters

The automatic cleaning filters ICP are especially studied to combine great efficiency, low sound level, compactness of the filter and of its fan. They are provided with their fan controlled by a frequency inverter allowing a flow adjustment (cutting table application) or a variable flow operation (automated multi-sensor network).

Product Advantages

✔ Adjust the fan power you really needs
✔ Control the cleaning according to contamination level
✔ Used in many application areas (grinding stones... and all non-explosive dry dust)

Several models available

Compact, Tower and Separate fan version, equipped with dustbin or BIG-BAG equipped.

I.C.P. (Intelligent control Process) cleaning cartridge filters, represent a significant technical development of the filtration optimising permanently the electric power of the fan to its real need, reducing thus the CO² production and your energy consumption while providing a real time control of the efficiency of your process.

Highly efficient filtration cartridges in polyester PTFE membrane are W3 class(Hepa H13).
Its surface filtration through the PTFE membrane allows high concentration dust filtration with low pressure loss, lower than 30 to 50%, as regards a traditional cartridge.
These performances reduce engine power of the fan with equivalent collection  efficiency and allow, consequently, a decrease in the CO² production.

Frequency inverter included for useful flow adjustment

The ICP (Intelligent Control Process) cleaning cartridge filter range is major forward step in filtration, optimizes continuously the electrical power requirements of the fan in real time, thus reducing CO² production and your energy consumption rates while providing real-time monitoring of the effectiveness of your process.

Captation rules

When you equip a facility to capture and filter pollutants generated by a specific manufacturing process, whether manual or automatic, it is important that it meets the regulatory requirements, and also the efficiency control is carried out in real time.
The ICP range of filters includes, several levels of control for extraction network vacuum pressure, the saturation of the filter elements, the level of fan performance and fluids supply required for the proper operation of the facility.

Reduced cost of use

The ICP filters, depending on the model, perform dust collection in drums or in BIG-BAG. The choice of the type of collection is dictated by the daily collected volume and by your ISO 14001 process. In BIG-BAG, once collected, the dust is no longer handled and the BIG-BAG is a container approved for dust transport to pollutant processing plants.

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