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Extraction torch WST2

WST2 torches use indirect captation system offering an excellent efficiency for fume extraction and giving a good visibility of welding bath.

Product Advantages

✔ Lighter
✔ More flexibility
✔ More efficiency

4 models: air & water cooled, air & water cooled DUALFLOW

Extraction is obtained at a high negative pressure rate due to the advanced air flow design of the torches.

DUALFLOW is a device allowing the modulation of the extraction rate by the welder. By a simple pulse on a micro switch on the handle of the torch, and during welding the welder can decide to change the extraction power.
DUALFLOW process is patented by Oerlikon.

Easy to use, mild to carry

The copper braid that conduct the electrical power is continuously cooled by the water in the cooling circuit, making it possible to reduce the cable section for any given power requirement. That reduces the weight and makes the torch harness much more flexible, making the torch easier to handle.

Extraction at source

Extraction at source provides the assurance of a healthy environment for welders in compliance with regulations and labour laws. In order to meet these requirements, Oerlikon has developed a range of”all in one” torches that offer the fundamental characteristics of conventional MIG-MAG welding torches combined with an effective fixed collector fume extraction system.

Because the extraction system follows the welder’s arm, it is efficient in all circumstances and can improve the productivity and working conditions of welders. This improves productivity, safety and the lightness of the torch, while allowing fatigue free working in a healthy environment.

Reduced cost of use

A fume extraction torch requires a low extraction flow, which is less than other extraction systems. The volume of extracted air is low and generally does not require any additional air compensating and heating installation. Extraction can be controlled depending on the actual welding needs by welding current automation, which helps to reduce noise and power consumption.

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    Oerlikon supplies customized solutions through performance and innovation, to meet stringent specifications and increasing demands for enhanced welding productivity.

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