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Hardfacing on the program of the third Air Liquide Welding Convention


On May 18 & 19th, Oerlikon held its third convention dedicated to the “Hardfacing" customers. This event brought together around 80 participants at our Centre of Excellence in Pont-Saint-Maxence, France.

Hardfacing consists of applying a harder material to parts or specific areas to improve their wear resistance in use and thus improve their effectiveness and lengthen their lifetime.  Estimated to total more than €500 million worldwide, the market breaks down into a variety of segments: raw material moving, cements, sugar industry, steelworks, railways, etc.

In the range of solutions that we presented, the accent was placed on consumables, equipment and the plug & play automation range. Demonstrations were given for all the welding processes, along with a preview presentation of TOPTIG applied to hardfacing.

Image Convention Hardfacing

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