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Be efficient, stay connected.

Oerlikon now offers e-SERVICES, a set of innovative services that will allow you to remain focused on your main asset : Your core business !

You have the facility to log on securely to the Oerlikon expertise center. That provides you with a new lever for improving the efficiency of your teams and the profitability of your production investment.

Let's work together to build the solution that is best for you!


✔ Optimize your productivity
✔ Decrease your bad quality costs
✔ Securing your customer commitments
✔ Control of your brand image

What is “e-SERVICES”?

“e-SERVICES” is used to connect Oerlikon automatic machines to our center of expertise, our factories, our services.


e-SERVICE Air Liquide Welding

Main functions of e-SERVICES

e-SERVICES allows to remotely view machine screens and PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers).
A camera can see around the machine.
e-SERVICES is supported by a secure multi-line access.

The main functions are:

  • Help to our production,
  • Distance learning,
  • Improving productivity,
  • After sales service.

Production help

Because for every new production, you ask yourself new questions to produce quickly and well:
The team of Oerlikon experts are glad to offer you a thorough analysis of your production while you enjoy their broad industrial experience feedback.

Optimize your productivity.
Decrease your bad quality costs.
Secure your customer commitments.
Control your brand image.


Distance training or learning

Because your operators need to be accompanied:
The team of Oerlikon trainers listens to you and offers you customised support for your operators.

Monitor the use of your equipment and master your investment.


After sale service

Because the availability of your machine is one of your priorities.

The Oerlikon team of experts offers you to analyse your real-time malfunction and reduce the immobilisation of your equipment with an optimized guidance of diagnosis through "augmented reality", combining vision and remote screen.

Decreased downtime & master your business investment.



Because computer security is your priority, the solution uses the firewall Stormshield, an IT security reference.

Protection and safety of your equipment.

Why choose us?

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    With a comprehensive Local Customer Support, Oerlikon will facilitate the management of your installations anywhere, anytime, allowing you to benefit from the advice and trainings of our specialists.

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    Our 4 research and development centers facilitate the rapid transfer and implementation of important products innovations through the whole Oerlikon network.

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    Global offer

    Oerlikon proposes global solutions from customer needs analysis to customised solutions for equipment, consumables, training and after-sales services.