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Chemical Processing

Welding solutions specifically tailored for the high productivity requirements and stringent specifications of the chemical processing industry.

Oerlikon’s involvement with its products does not stop at manufacture. Oerlikon provides a close and detailed participation with the application of products, right from the initial selection to welding characteristics on site. A team of highly qualified engineers is ready to respond, with the objective of providing technologically relevant, practical solutions.

In the petrochemical industry, the increased temperature and hydrogen pressure under operating conditions requires new steels and welding consumables to satisfy more rigid specifications: mechanical property requirements following complex heat treatment Cycles.

OERLIKON OE CROMO S225V is a 2 ¼Cr1Mo¼ V solid submerged arc welding wire with controlled very low levels of impurity and residual elements.

OERLIKON OP CROMO F537 is an agglomerated fluoride basic submerged arc welding flux specially designed for welding heat resistant steels. This flux has a very low hydrogen potential and exceptionally low silicon pick up and a neutral behaviour in terms of Manganese.

OERLIKON CROMO E225V is a basic coated 2.25%Cr1%MoV electrode suitable for welding creep resistant steels. Core wire alloyed electrode. The weld metal chemistry is very low in tramp/impurity elements allowing to respect the X factor <12 ppm) and J factor < 120 ppm) and showing excellent resistance to the step cooling test, not susceptible to in-service embrittlement. Crack resistant with excellent tensile strength at high temperature and good creep rupture strength. Very low diffusible hydrogen (HD<4ml/100g). The CROMO E225V offers excellent operability in butt and fillet joint. All position welding (no downhill), the 3.2 and 4 mm diameter electrodes are suitable for positional welding (uphill). Stable arc with excellent bead shape. Suitable for use with either DC positive and with AC.