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Nuclear power generation

Oerlikon solutions designed for nuclear applications

Welding solutions specifically designed for the highest levels of international nuclear codes and standards such as: RCC-M, ASME III NCA 3800, KTA 1408 and others.

Oerlikon is an important supplier of welding products for nuclear fabrication and experience in this field dates back some decades ago.
Oerlikon’s involvement with its products doesn’t stop at manufacture. We provide a close and detailed participation with nuclear product applications, from the initial product selection to welding properties on site. A team of highly qualified engineers is ready to respond, with the objective of providing technologically relevant and practical solutions.

A large and dedicated information base is at the service of each customer to ensure the relevant selection of welding consumables to meet the demanding and changing technical specifications of the nuclear industry.

A selection of welding consumables for nuclear applications

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) and Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) are the two main processes used for the fabrication of  nuclear reactors. The nuclear industry requires MMA electrodes for 304L austenitic Stainless steel welding, cladding (AWS E308L-16, 309L-16 titania type) with extreme all weld metal mechanical properties and ultralow impurities levels.


  • Manual Basinox E308L & E309L-16 NUC are still unparalleled in the trade-off between flexibility and weldment integrity .
  • Rutile slag system favoured in recent times for excellent operational behaviour.
  • Ability to retain good mechanical properties as-welded and after ultra long PWHT (>40 hrs. @615°C).
  • Aimed AWM delta-ferrite very tightly controlled.

Basic agglomerated flux OP41 TT:
Fluoro-basic flux which is particularly suitable for welding components such as pressure vessels. Used in nuclear in combination with different wire electrodes chemistries for many applications such as reactor pressure vessels, steam generators, pressurizers, reactor safety tanks and pipes in the primary and secondary circuits as well as the auxiliary units.

Moisture mick-up of the flux and diffusible hydrogen content in the weld metal remain at very low levels.

Fluxes for Weld Overlay applications

For nuclear applications, the AST 300 NUC flux is combined with austenitic strips such as SUPRASTRIP 19 9L (EQ308L) and 24 13L (EQ309L). The AST 300 NUC flux has a specific composition which enhances the weld bead, and slag residues have self-releasing. Only one kind of flux AST 300 NUC can suit perfectly the nuclear applications, whatever the grade of strip is (EQ308L or EQ309L) and can meet the most demanding designs called for PWHT carried out at 610°C for 40 hrs, to stress relief properly the heavier walled components.