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A commitment to technical excellence supported by a dedication to quality is regarded as fundamental to Oerlikon’s success in the offshore oil and gas industry.

OERLIKON has been a major supplier of welding products to the offshore industry for significant projects during the past three decades. A track record of highly successful products combining quality and technology with technical service has been firmly established.

Satisfied customers are our primary objective

Allseas chooses Oerlikon DRYBAG OP 121TT submerged arc flux

The Swiss-based Allseas Group S.A. is one of the major offshore pipe lay and subsea construction companies in the world, operating specialised vessels – which are designed in-house. The largest pipe lay vessel in the world, Solitaire, has set new standards in the pipelay industry. The S-lay capacity with a holding force of 1050 tons, enables her to lay the heaviest pipelines. Welding processes SAW (rotating pipe) and MAG welding (fixed pipe) are used on board.
For storage of the submerged arc flux at sea DRYBAG packaging is the chosen solution to avoid moisture pick up. Also for the SAW-wire, special packing in aluminium foil has been developed to avoid corrosion. Using these solutions, Allseas is assured of low hydrogen welding consumables during welding.


MMA consumables for offshore construction industry

The TENACITO range of MMA electrodes for offshore applications are designed to optimise toughness and productivity in the fabrication of structural steels while retaining the excellent levels of operating characteristics required for positional welding during on-site construction.

Cored wires for offshore construction industry

Oerlikon flux-cored wires for MAG welding comprise the FLUXOFIL and CITOFLUX high performance product ranges.
FLUXOFIL and CITOFLUX wires are produced in ISO certified group manufacturing plants.

FLUXOFIL cored wires are manufactured using a process similar to the production of a solid wire and results in a seamless flux-cored wire with the following advantages:

Low Hydrogen Potential of ~4 ml H2 per 100 g deposited weld metal when used straight from the carton or store with no re-conditioning.

Good feeding characteristics, due to the solid sheath provides uniform mechanical properties around the wire circumference and hence the wire feeding is smooth without kinking or spiralling.

Stability in Welding, because FLUXOFIL wires are coppered in exactly the same way as solid wire. Current transfer from the torch contact tube to the wire is thus improved.

CITOFLUX cored wires are manufactured using a folded strip technique. This range of wires includes, rutile, basic and metal cored wires, bringing another balance of operating characteristics, mechanical properties and deposition rate to the Oerlikon range of cored wires, to meet all fabrication requirements.

Agglomerated SAW wires and fluxes: first choice for quality welding

Oerlikon can provide a selection of key products which have achieved worldwide recognition by the offshore oil and gas industry.

OP 121TT
It is an agglomerated flux with high basicity, B.I. =3 FB type, and is used for joints of high structural integrity where excellent sub-zero Crack Tip Opening Displacement (CTOD) fracture toughness is required.
OP 121TT is capable of generating such properties at high deposition rates using multi-wire welding, giving the potential for high levels of welding productivity.
OP 121TT is an excellent choice when narrow gap welding.
OP 121TT has a low hydrogen potential, HDM<5 ml H2 per 100 g deposited weld metal, with excellent recirculation characteristics in automatic systems, where low hydrogen levels are readily achieved with regular yard practices.

OP 121TTW is an agglomerated flux with high basicity, B.I. =3, FB type, with a very low diffusible hydrogen potential, of <4 HDM. It is used for welding thicker sections of more hardenable steels. OP 121TTW is particularly suitable in combination with the FLUXOCORD range of cored wires for submerged arc welding.

DRYBAG, a packaging solution to reduce cost, time and energy

DRYBAG a fully moisture proof packaging system making any requirement for flux conditioning unnecessary, resulting in high-quality welds even in the most hostile ambient conditions.
Oerlikon DRYBAG offers similar levels of security as packaging in metal drums, but is more cost effective. DRYBAG is available in 25 kg or larger, 800 or 1000 kg formats.


No risk of moisture ingress, even during transcontinental or maritime transport and following long-term storage in adverse conditions.

No risk from ambient humidity, even in extreme climatic conditions.

No need to re-condition the flux before use.

This new packaging solution enables fabricators to reduce the risk of hydrogen induced cracking.