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Pipe mill

Oerlikon teams are ready to respond in collaboration with the pipe mill to provide technologically relevant and practical solutions.

Oerlikon is a technological innovator and major supplier of welding products to the pipe fabrication industry for significant projects. A wide range of consumables, arc equipment and SAW installations will be able to answer the needs of this market segment.

SAW wires and fluxes selection

A selection of the most important welding consumable products for both longitudinal seam and spiral seam pipe welding are shown below, based on industry custom and practise.

SAW wires features:

  • Conformance to Oerlikon specifications and national standards where specified
  • Optimised chemical alloying to maximise joint toughness
  • Low levels of residual and impurity elements
  • Closely controlled copper coating
  • Consistent performance through control of: Wire hardness - Cast - Helix
  • High productivity bulk packaging options
  • Full range of diameters available, 2.4 - 5.0 mm

On pipe mill market the most used Oerlikon submerged arc fluxes are:

  • OP 119, OP 192P & OP 132.
    OP 119 is widely used for spiral seam welding
  • OP 192P & OP 132 are used for both two pass longitudinal seam and spiral seam
    welding applications. These fluxes are optimised for high productivity performance in multi-wire, AC/DC, high welding speed pipe welding applications.
  • OP 121TT & OP121TTW are used in multi pass and special applications, particularly when maximum joint toughness at higher strength levels is required.

The Oerlikon range of submerged arc fluxes is very comprehensive and for specific pipe welding applications other SAW fluxes may be proposed by Oerlikon technical service, for example OP 122 and OP 178.

Products packaging

In the demanding environment of a pipe mill, the packaging of SAW wires and fluxes can make a significant contribution to productivity and technical performance.

The high productivity system

  • Designed for high consumption pipe-mill environments
  • Wire is free spooled, 1,000-3,000 kg
  • Pay off system adaptable for floor or gantry
  • Reliable rapid pay off at high wire feed speeds
  • Double HDPE layer protection from atmosphere during storage
  • Integral pallet

The Round Pac

  • Heavy duty cardboard drums
  • 320 kg & 600 kg formats
  • 100% recyclable
  • Reliable rapid pay off at high wire feed speeds
  • Fitted sling points for handling safety


  • Triple layer composite technology system
  • Fully moisture proof
  • Low vacuum
  • Protection from atmospheric humidity
  • Designed for the most hostile ambient conditions
  • Protection during extended transport and storage
  • Supply: available in 25 kg or larger, 800 or 1000 kg formats.

Automatic equipment for submerged arc welding

A wide range of automatic equipment can be provided to meet the needs of pipe mill market segment, such as column & booms, special welding heads, rotators and self propelled tractors...

The CB-MATIC column and booms range is the professional answer to your needs. Ideal for perfect positioning of the welding head in every welding processes Submerged Arc, MAG, TIG and plasma. Also here, medium and heavy duty equipment is available. Customised solutions are often created to fit the customers' requirements.

Submerged arc special welding heads equipped with single or tandem narrow-gap torch.

  • Narrow-gap torch/holding device up to 250 mm wall thicknesses.
  • Changeable head (standard heads up to 180 mm available).
  • Self-centring head on floating bearing.
  • Ceramic coating.

Rotator and positioning equipment such as the ROTAMATIC range from 2 to 600 tons allows the rotation of vessels or tube for manual or automatic welding. Medium duty and heavy duty ranges are available to fit the needs of every customer.

SAW self-propelled tractors as MEGATRAC 6 SUBARC 3C:

  • Modular S.A. carriage which can be adapted to various applications.
  • Flat and angle assembly of plates in all grades and thicknesses.
  • Wheel diameter: 150 mm.
  • Crabbing arms