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Power generation

Oerlikon solutions for the fabrication of towers and foundations used in the power generation industry

From consumables and accessories, to equipment and automation; a global offer voted to productivity, efficiency and performance, to meet the needs of the wind energy industry.

Welding processes

Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) and Flux cored Arc Welding (FCAW) are the two main processes used for the fabrication of  towers and foundations. The torch configurations normally used are single and tandem, but also tandem-twin and multi-torches are often used in case of thicker plates and large diameter to improve productivity.
Oerlikon offers high powers generators like the new inverter STARMATIC 1200i AC/DC square weave technology (1200 A at 100%), the CITOWAVE generator for manual welding and a wide range of solutions to automatize the process such as column & booms, tractors and rotators.


In submerged arc welding, the flux is the main element to allow the achievement of desired mechanical properties and productivity. Flux needs to carry high current, grant easy slag removal, especially in the root pass, and be characterized by low diffusible hydrogen content. All these features are present in the Oerlikon fluxes. Among its large range, three fluxes can be considered the most suitable for this application. OP 190, a semi basic suitable for the majority of steel grades used for the fabrication of onshore wind towers; OP 128TT, a basic flux characterized by good weldability, high current loading capacity. It encounters the main application on thicker plates like those used for the fabrication of monopile. OP 121TT our bestseller suitable for steel grade with requirement up to -60°C, normally used for the construction of foundations.

Solid wires

A large range of solid wires along with Oerlikon fluxes can meet the various needs of this segment. The most common wires suitable for the main steel grades are OE-S2 (EM12K), OE-SD3 (EH12K) and OE-SD3 1Ni1/4Mo or OE-SD3 1Ni1/2Mo, low alloyed wires for high tensile strength steel CTOD proofed.

Fluxes & wires packagings

Flux and wires are available in several formats. Wire is delivered in spool (25-100Kg) or in bulk packaging (500-1000 Kg). On demand, 1000 Kg static drums up to 4,0 mm wire diameter are also available. Fluxes are supplied in a standard 25 Kg plastic bag or in DRYBAG packaging (25-1000 Kg).

Flux Cored Wires for gas shielded process

Both folded and seamless copper coated technologies are present in the Oerlikon offer. Seamless technology with very low diffusible hydrogen is the preferred choice for this segment. Available as metal cored, rutile and basic types the Oerlikon range is suitable for all applications including the welding of wind tower door frame.

Solutions for automation

Oerlikon is not only consumables but also equipment and automation. Oerlikon can provide turnkey solutions for new facilities, from plasma/oxy-fuel cutting tables, welding columns and booms, tractors, rotators and positioners along with welding power sources for all processes; including the new SAW inverter generator STARMATIC 1200i AC/DC and SUBARC 7i control system.


Oerlikon products have been used for several projects. Among them the last implementations are:

  • Nordsee 1
  • Trianel Borkum
  • Veja Mate
  • Wikinger
  • London Array
  • Racebank
  • Ramion
  • Walney