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Welding solutions specifically tailored for the high productivity requirements of the automotive industry.

Automotive industry focus is about improving vehicles energy efficiency and a reduction in exhaust emissions. Reducing the weight of vehicles and improving emission systems is the goal of all major OEMs. Oerlikon works closely with leading car manufacturers in Europe and abroad to to develop and supply welding consumables and processes able to enhance productivity specifically designed for reduced wall thicknesses.

Automotive industry has always been one of the driving forces behind innovative welding applications. Oerlikon commitment is about development of new solutions with special regard to performance, reduced fuel consumption.

CARBOFIL ELITE solid C-Mn wires range gives exceptionally good feeding characteristics due to the reduction of the glide force through the liner and the controlled thickness of the coating. The high adherence of the coating reduces peeling and clogged liners. These characteristics make  CARBOFIL ELITE the ideal solution for automotive robotic applications.

Oerlikon metal-cored wires are made of alloyed or unalloyed strip optimizing welding characteristics. Higher welding speeds are possible at very high current intensities maintaining outstanding welding results. Less restrictive tolerances with all arc variants, and different gap widths on parts are achieved. Combining these aspects makes the welding of low a reality essential to match the high productivity of the Automotive manufacturing.