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Solutions for the fabrication of welded beams for structural market segment

Oerlikon proposes to the market a complete range of products suitable for the fabrication of metallic constructions.
Productivity of processes and quality of manufactures are the objectives pursued by Oerlikon for the development of its solutions, including consumables and accessories, equipment and automation.

Welding processes

Submerged Arc Welding (SAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) and Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) are the main processes used for the fabrication of metallic constructions. In particular SAW is widely used for the production of welded beams, thanks to its higher productivity.

Oerlikon proposes a large range of welding generators and consumables as well as automation solutions (even customised).
Among all, we pull your attention on new inverter STARMATIC 1200i AC/DC square weave technology (1200 A at 100%); on CITOSTEEL power source mainly for manual welding with FCAW process and on CITOWAVE III, the power source for GMAW mounting our last advanced synergic technology.

SAW process

The production of welded beams, “T” or “H” shape is normally executed using SAW process and dedicated automatic installations such as T-Master and Beam-Matic or normal Column & Boom. Tractors such as MEGATRAC, equipped for single/twin or tandem process are used too.

The most common torch configurations are single, tandem, twin and hybrid tandem (SW+Twin). For high welding speed and single small/medium size fillet weld twin arc is preferred to single wire.


In submerged arc welding, the flux is the main element to allow the achievement of desired mechanical properties and productivity. Especially in beam production the flux needs to allow high welding speed along easy slag removal.

Oerlikon for high welding speed proposes two main alternatives:

  • OP 191, a rutile flux able to achieve more than 1,8 m/min of travel speed,
  • OP 160, an alluminate-basic flux which combines high welding speed and good mechanical properties at -20°C in combination with unalloyed wire such as OE-S2 (EM12K) or with weathering steel such as OE-S2NiCu.

For large size fillet weld, multipass applications (both BW and FW) and low temperature requirements OP 190 and OP 128TT are recommended.

OP 128TT should be preferred in case of low alloyed wires.

Wires - solid wires for GMAW

OERLIKON enriched its offer of wires for GMAW process, with the new ELITE range.

ELITE is a special coating process which, due  to a controlled thickness of the coating, provides to the wire  very good feeding characteristics, making it ideal for the use at high welding parameters with robots or automatic equipment.

ELITE is today applied to the Carbofil range for unalloyed carbon steel (Carbofil 1 & 1A)

Wires - Fluxofil offer for FCAW

With almost half a century of experience producing seamless copper-coated flux-cored wires with Oerlikon technology, we own nowadays a large catalogue suitable for all type of industries.

The most common products used in infrastructure are:

  • FLUXOFIL M10 & 10S: a metal cored range, with no slag, for steel with YS up to 460 Mpa and CNV up to -60°C. As alternative to solid wire for improving productivity
  • FLUXOFIL 14HD (19HD for CO2): a rutile all positions wire with excellent weldability in vertical up position suitable for steel with YS up to 460Mpa
  • FLUXOFIL 20 HD (21HD for CO2): rutile all positions Ni alloyed, used in case of low temperature requirement (-40°C)

Consumables for weathering steel

Bridges, but not only, are often manufactured using weathering steel which thanks to high resistance to atmospheric corrosion doesn’t need painting treatment.

Stick electrode (TENCOR) and solid wire (CARBOFIL NiCu) to flux cored wire,  metal cored (FLUXOFIL M48), rutile (FLUXOFIL 18) and basic (FLUXOFIL 48), without forgetting the line for SAW process, represent the specific range developed by Oerlikon for such material.


Among the large range of available packaging, a particular focus on PROPAC, a 600 kg drum for solid wire for GMAW, which is ideal for large users.
The combination of ELITE and PROPAC make a perfect solution for productivity improvement!

Highlight on Cupronickel

Recent trend in architectural infrastructure see the use of composite material such as CMn+CuNi. Once done the welding on CMn steel, it is necessary to restore the area with CuNi filler metal (70/30 or even 90/10) which weldability is not the easiest.

To help the welder, Oerlikon has developed specific synergy curves which, installed in our CITOWAVE III, allow a perfect welding in all positions. Dedicated curves may be needed for particular Ar/He mixtures can be developed and installed on power source on demand