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Complete range of MIG/MAG torches

A full range of MIG / MAG torches for High Tech applications. Compatible for all steel, stainless steel and aluminium wires.

Product Advantages

✔ Extra flexible coaxial cable with ultra-resistant elastomer outer
✔ Ergonomic handle with ball joint for perfect handling
✔ Long lasting active part with few parts (monobloc nozzle)

Air cooled standard torches

Designation Duty cycle at 60%
Wire diameter
PROMIG NG 181T 180 A 0.8-1.0 mm
PROMIG NG 241 250 A 0.8-1.2 mm
PROMIG NG  341 320 A 0.8-1.6 mm
PROMIG NG 441 380 A 1.0-1.6 mm

Water cooled standard torches

Designation Duty cycle at 100%
Wire diameter
PROMIG NG 241 W 250 A 0.8-1.2 mm
PROMIG NG 341 W 320 A 0.8-1.6 mm
PROMIG NG 441 W 380 A 1.0-1.6 mm
PROMIG NG 450 W 450 A 1.0-1.6 mm

Why choose us?

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    Oerlikon has generated a proven history of supplying welding consumables & equipments for the most demanding and critical applications. You can count on us to provide the reliable products and services to meet your needs.

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    With a comprehensive Local Customer Support, Oerlikon will facilitate the management of your installations anywhere, anytime, allowing you to benefit from the advice and trainings of our specialists.

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    Customer focus

    Oerlikon supplies customized solutions through performance and innovation, to meet stringent specifications and increasing demands for enhanced welding productivity.