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Multiprocess three phase MIG/MAG inverters

CITOSTEEL III is the very latest innovative MIG/MAG welding machines from OERLIKON offering superior welding performance and an easy to use interface. Designed in a modular system, CITOSTEEL III fits with all users’ requirements, allowing a perfect control of the welding current waveform.

Product Advantages

✔ Robust design
✔ Low consumption
✔ Precise welding quality
✔ Modular
✔ High performance
✔ Pulse mode

Robust and powerful

CITOSTEEL  III has been designed in a modular form for easy workshop mobility to suit all welding applications (manual or  automation). A lot of options are available in order to make easier the welder tasks.

Power supply 50/60 Hz                                         400 V (+ 20% / - 20%)  
Maximum primary consumption (100%) 18,7 A 26 A   33,9 A  
Welding current 15 - 320 A 15 A - 420 A 15 A - 500 A
Open circuit voltage                                                   73 V  
Duty cycle 60% (at  40°C) 280 A 420 A*   500 A  
(L x w x h)
                                         720 x 295 x 525 mm  
Weight 29 kg 34 kg   40 kg  
Standards          EN 60974-1 - EN 60974-10  

Technical features

  • A modular concept to meet all user requirements
  • User friendly control panels
  • Small machine for easier access
  • Light installation
  • Generator compatible
  • Standard MIG-MAG / Speed Short Arc / HPS / MMA
  • In synergic mode, more than 100 synergies available
  • Storage of 100 welding programmes
  • Locking parameters by a digit code with tolerance (+/- 20%)
  • Simple automatic interface

Why choose us?

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    Oerlikon has generated a proven history of supplying welding consumables & equipments for the most demanding and critical applications. You can count on us to provide the reliable products and services to meet your needs.

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    With a comprehensive Local Customer Support, Oerlikon will facilitate the management of your installations anywhere, anytime, allowing you to benefit from the advice and trainings of our specialists.

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    Customer focus

    Oerlikon supplies customized solutions through performance and innovation, to meet stringent specifications and increasing demands for enhanced welding productivity.