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Three phase rectifiers for MMA DC welding

CITOROD 4005 and 6700XT are exceptionally rugged conventional stick rectifiers built to be used under harsh environmental conditions.

Product Advantages

✔ Rugged conventional design
✔ Equipped with handles & wheels & eyebolts
✔ Hotstart, Arc Force & Lift TIG

Efficient and powerful

  • Rugged conventional welding rectifiers with excellent arc characteristics
  • Capable to weld rutile, basic and cellulose electrodes.
  • Hot Start supporting excellent arc starting
  • Arc Force to prevent sticking of the electrode in the welding pool
  • Digital meters showing welding amperage
  • Easy to understand graphic control panels
  • Fan on demand (F.A.N.™) built-in reduces power and the intake of dust and fumes
  • Ready to be moved. Equipped with wheels, pull bar and two lifting hooks
  • Lift TIG DC capability

Technical features

Power supply - 50/60 Hz 230 V  / 400 V 3 ph - +/-15%
No-load voltage 78 V
Welding Intensity 15 A - 400 A 15 A - 670 A
Duty cycle 10 min. at 40 °C

400A/ 36V / 35%

240A/ 29V / 100%

670A / 44V / 35%

400A / 36V / 100%

Dimensions H x W x d (mm) 640 x 580 x 700 670 x 580 x 700
Weight 125 kg 150 kg
CITOROD, the rugged and distinguished workhorses, oerlikon, welding
CITOROD 4005XT & 6700XT, the rugged and distinguished workhorses

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