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MIG/MAG solid wires range for C-Mn and low-alloy steels.

CARBOFIL 1 is a copper coated G3Si1/ER70S-6 type solid MAG welding wire supplied both random and precision layer wound, depositing C-1.1%Mn weld metal, for welding a wide range of mild and C-Mn structural steels. Suitable for welding with CO2 and Ar-based mixed shielding gases.
It meets the classifications:
        - EN ISO 14341-A: G 42 3 C1 3Si1
        - EN ISO 14341-A: G 42 4 M21 3Si1
        - AWS A5.18: ER 70S-6

Product Advantages

✔ General applications
✔ Good mechanical characteristics


CARBOFIL 1 is a welding wire electrode used for general applications in both single- and multipass welding. Especially suited for sheet metal applications where smooth weld beads are required. Weld metal impact toughness properties are down to -40°C. CARBOFIL 1 is available with a wide range of packaging format from few kgs for small MlG/MAG welding equipments to high-quantity (max. 550 kgs drum) robotic application. Solid wire with excellent mechanical characteristics. Use to weld non-alloy steels. Used under CO2 or Mix shielding.

Available in B300, BS300, DRUM 200 / 300kg, S200, S300, SUPA. Diameter from 0,6 to 1,6.


CARBOFIL 1 Chemical Analysis

    C Mn Si P S
  Wire 0,08 1,5 0,9 <0,025 <0,025
  All weld metal
82% Ar+18% CO2
0,08 1,1 0,6 <0,025 <0,025
  All weld metal 100% CO2 0,09 1 0,5 <0,025 <0,025

CARBOFIL 1 Mechanical Properties

  Heat Treatment   Yield Strength (MPa)           Tensile Strength (MPa)       Elongation A5 (%)        Impact Energy ISO - V (J)     
          +20°C -30°C -40°C
  All weld metal 82% Ar+18% CO2 ≥ 420 500-640 ≥ 24 ≥ 90 ≥ 70 ≥ 47
  All weld metal 100% CO2 ≥ 420 500-640 ≥ 22 ≥ 70 ≥ 47  

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