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A multipurpose rutile range

A wide range of rutile electrode for different application for unalloyed steel up to 360 Mpa yield strength and max. 0.20% of carbon.

Product Advantages

✔ FINCORD electrodes are chosen due to it‘s welding behaviour.
✔ Suited for less trained welders.  
✔ Don’t require a re-baking prior to welding.
✔ FINCORD electrodes slag is self detaching.

High quality rutile range!

Rutile electrodes can be selected for different applications and aspects. These criterias are: Bead aspect; vertical down weldability; unclean workpiece; Re-striking (for tacking and short bead); gap preparation. Choose the right FINCORD depending on your needs.

  Coating type Applications
FINCORD M Medium coated Excellent in the overhead position and for fillet welding in the horizontal-vertical position. For all light construction work including pipework.
FINCORD DB Medium coated For pipes and plates. Suitable for X-Ray quality. Designed for structural engineering, vehicle and railway applications.
FINCORD Thick coated Exceptionally easy operating makes it suitable for use by lower skilled welders. Suitable for trade, use in structural engineering, shipbuilding, vehicle and agricultural machines.

Why choose us?

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    Customer focus

    Oerlikon supplies customized solutions through performance and innovation, to meet stringent specifications and increasing demands for enhanced welding productivity.

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    International presence

    With 12 productions units throughout Europe & China, Oerlikon is one of the largest supplier of welding ​products​. Oerlikon products can be found worldwide.