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OP F500

SAW neutral fluxes

OP F500 is a special agglomerated flux for welding austenitic stainless steels including stabilised compositions.

It meets the classifications:
   - EN ISO 14174: S A FB 2
   - EN 760: S A FB 2 53 AC H5

OERLIKON expertise: OP F500

OP F500 is neutral and it is used for welding both single wire and multiwire. Suitable for welding thin plates at high travel speeds. Excellent slag detachability even at high interpass temperatures. Also suitable for surfacing in combination with martensitic stainless steel wires like OE-410 and OE-410NiMo.

Available in standard bags (PE) 25kg.


OP F500 Chemical Analysis

OE-308L 0,02 1,5 0,5 18 9 - ≤ 0.35
OE-316L 0,02 1,5 0,5 18 10 2,5 -

OP F500 Mechanical Properties

  Heat Treatment Yield Strength (MPa) Tensile Strength (MPa) Elongation A5 (%) Impact Energy ISO - V (J)
OE-308L As Welded ≥ 350 ≥ 500 ≥ 35 ≥ 75
OE-316L As Welded ≥ 350 ≥ 520 ≥ 30 ≥ 75

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