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Welding, brazing and heating blowpipes

FAREL range is a historic trade name of Oerlikon product, produced and designed in Europe. FAREL blowpipes are used for brazing, welding and heating applications. These are low pressure blowpipes.

Product Advantages

✔ Reliability
✔ Safety
✔ Made in Europe
✔ EN ISO 5172 compliance


A range of blowpipes

The FAREL range consists in four types of blowpipes :

  • FAREL 00 : for precision work (capacity 10 to 100 l / h), for jewellery market for example
  • FAREL 0 : for welding and brazing (capacity 40 to 100 l / h), available in 4 versions:

         - with fixed welding attachment
         - with removable welding attachment
         - with flash back arrestor inside the shank
         - kit with 2 deformable welding attachments

  • FAREL 1 : for heating  (capacity 250 to 1000 l / h), available in 2  versions : acetylene and propane
  • FAREL 2 for heating, forming and flame straightening (capacity 1000 to 4000 l / h), available in 2  versions : acetylene and propane

All the FAREL range is compliance with the EN ISO 5172.

Technical features

  FAREL 00    FAREL 0    FAREL 1    FAREL 2   
Inlet Hose Tail-D6.3mm M12x100 - D6.3mm D10mm-M16x150 D10mm-M16x150
Pressure setting inlet OX:0,8-1,5/AD,GPL:0,1-0,3      OX:0,8-1,5/AD,GPL:0,1-0,3     AD 0.1 -0.3bar/OX 1 -2bar     AD 0.1 -0.3bar/OX 1 -2bar    
Flowrate 10-100l/h 40-400 l/h 250-1000 l/h 1000 - 4000 l/h
Standard EN ISO 5172 EN ISO 5172 EN ISO 5172 EN ISO 5172

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    Oerlikon has generated a proven history of supplying welding consumables & equipments for the most demanding and critical applications. You can count on us to provide the reliable products and services to meet your needs.

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    With a comprehensive Local Customer Support, Oerlikon will facilitate the management of your installations anywhere, anytime, allowing you to benefit from the advice and trainings of our specialists.

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    Oerlikon proposes global solutions from customer needs analysis to customised solutions for equipment, consumables, training and after-sales services.