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Plasma cutting inverter equipments

CITOCUT 60 & 100 plasma cutting machines are built to handle harsh environmental conditions using tunnel technology to separate the PCB’s and sensitive parts from the contaminating cooling airflow.

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Product Advantages

✔ Innovative advanced arc starting without HF
✔ Innovative advanced electrode and nozzle design increases lifetime of consumables
✔ Multiple torch configurations
✔ Robust

The concept for plasma cutting

The concept for plasma cutting focuses on three elements: 

S - An innovative and patented striking system preserves the electrode tip and extends its lifetime.  
P - Circular enhancements with improved radial airflow and innovative electrode/nozzle design concentrate the plasma stream. 
L - The internally cooled electrode and torch head and electrode/nozzle design considerably increase their lifetime.

Technical features

Supply voltage 400 V three-phase
Cutting current 20 - 60 A 20 - 100 A
40 °C duty cycle 60 A @ 40% 100 A @ 40%
Cutting capacity 25 40
Weight 23 kg 38 kg

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