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Pressure regulator ideal for portable cylinder

MINIREG is a range of pressure regulators range with membrane technology in compliance with the EN ISO 2503.

Product Advantages

✔ Lightweight
✔ Membrane technology / valve
✔ Ideal for portable cylinder
✔ Made in Europe

Available for Acetylene, Oxygen, Propane, Argon and Argon Mix.

Compliance with the EN ISO 2503.

Gas   Connections  

Inlet Maximun
Pressure (Bar)

Outlet Maximun
Pressure (Bar)

Maximun Flowrate

    Inlet   Ø Outlet        
Oxygene   AFNOR - F 6,3 mm 200 10 15
Acetylene   AFNOR - H 6,3 mm 25 < 1,5 1
GPL   AFNOR - GPL 10 mm 25 1,5 6.5
Argon / Mix Débilitre 20 L AFNOR - C 6,3 mm 200 - 16 l/min

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