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Plasma Cutting

The use of an electric arc to cut metal.

It is very widely used on all types of metal to achieve high-quality cuts and high levels of productivity. Under certain circumstances, it can achieve a comparable quality level to laser cutting, but at considerably lower production cost.

Oerlikon can offers different types of Plasma cutting manual power sources, such as our CITOCUT range.
Anyway Plasma is mostly used in automation, so we have also a wide range of automated installations to answer the most demanding needs.

The PYROTOME and ALPHATOME are some examples.The OPTITOME 2 is design to use the high quality cutting NERTAJET HPi.

Principle of the process

Plasma cutting uses the 'transferred arc' mode. The arc is constricted between the electrode and the material to be cut, due to the gas flow used, causing the energy flow density and the temperature of the plasma jet to rise even further. 
The gas flow consists of active or inert gases or gas mixtures.