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Double coated Stick Electrode

SPEZIAL is a basic, double-coated multi-purpose MMA electrode. The composition of the double coating confers exceptionally good welding characteristics and a highly stable and directional arc. Very good gap bridging and ideally suited for root passes and positional welding. The glassy slag is easily removed from the finely-rippled weld seams, the excellent welding characteristics and ISO-V toughness to -30°C.

Product Advantages

✔ Very stable arc and insensitive to the effects of arc blow.
✔ Sustained and high quality fusion with a very low welding current setting.
✔ Excellent operator appeal.
✔ Exceptional wetting even at low current.
✔ High flexibility for irregular gap.
✔ High Metallurgical deposit purity.

During manufacturing the two coatings are pressed simultaneously in a single extrusion operation. Both coatings from different chemical compositions but very complementary, will give a better technical result.

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    Oerlikon has generated a proven history of supplying welding consumables & equipments for the most demanding and critical applications. You can count on us to provide the reliable products and services to meet your needs.

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    Our 4 research and development centers facilitate the rapid transfer and implementation of important products innovations through the whole Oerlikon network.

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    International presence

    With 12 productions units throughout Europe & China, Oerlikon is one of the largest supplier of welding ​products​. Oerlikon products can be found worldwide.