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Ergonomic handle (EB), ergonomic handle (EB) with flexible head, round handle (RL), handle with valve (V)

TIG WTT2 Torches range is dedicated to needs of most demanding users. Reliability is one of the major features of these products. Harness flexibility is the most appreciated advantages of these torches. The various connections and handles fit with the current applications.

Product Advantages

✔ Easy replacement of the trigger & screw less design of the handle (easy maintenance)
✔ Handle, made with high temperature silicon rubber
✔ Extra-flexible high performance cable (easy pivoting handle for EB handles)
✔ Standardised wear parts

WTT2 - Air cooled versions

    WTT2 9 WTT2 17 WTT2 26
Duty cycle 60%   80 A 100 A 130 A
Duty cycle 35%   110 A 135 A 180 A
Fitted as standard back cap medium medium medium
nozzle Ø 10 mm Ø 10 mm Ø 10 mm
electrode Ø 1.6 mm Ø 2.0 mm Ø 2.4 mm

WTT2 - Water cooled versions

    WTT2 20W WTT2 18W
Duty cycle 100%   200 A 320 A
Duty cycle 60%   250 A 350 A
Fitted as standard back cap medium medium
nozzle Ø 12 mm Ø 12 mm
electrode Ø 2.4 mm Ø 2.4 mm

Connectors for Air cooled versions

The connectors to the machine are a new design, compact and fully protected delivering both strength and quality.

WTT2 Connectors for Air cooled versions OERLIKON

Connectors for Water cooled versions

WTT2 Connectors for Water cooled versions OERLIKON

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    Oerlikon supplies customized solutions through performance and innovation, to meet stringent specifications and increasing demands for enhanced welding productivity.